‘Raising your Game into Management’ PA Masterclass


‘Raising your Game into Management’ PA Masterclass

  • Date: 21st January 2016
  • Time: 9:30am – 4:45pm
  • Venue: De Vere Venues, West One or Holborn, London.

The Masterclass will cost £395 and discounts are available for public sector, not for profit and personal payment.

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The acrobatic lifestyle of a PA/EA


….Juggling work, study, and family

By Rebeka Adamson


Rebeka is the Personal Assistant to the Operations Director at Enable New Zealand, and is passionate about administration as a career path.  She is a member of the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc (AAPNZ), and currently serves on the Manawatu Group Management Team.  Having won the prestigious 2015 AAPNZ Administrative Professional Award, Rebeka is now taking on the role of being New Zealand’s ambassador for the profession.

I really enjoy studying, which is quite remarkable I think considering I was raised in a family where education was not a priority. I had to leave school at the age of 16 in order to assist financially and so I didn’t get the opportunity to achieve a School Certificate or study at a university. So, I was understandably super excited when I won my first scholarship in 2008.

I began my studies a month before I married my husband.  We both worked full time and I spent most evenings studying, so in hindsight our first two years of marriage was probably lacklustre; however I did manage to find some creative ways to spend time with my family. One example which springs to mind is when I joined my husband and mother-in-law on numerous occasions at the beach, drafting my assignments in the back of the car while they fished for whitebait at dawn.

It took me two years to achieve my Diploma and it was exhausting. Little did I know that it would be nothing in comparison to raising a family whilst working and studying.

The itch to study returned in 2015 when I succeeded in obtaining another scholarship; however this time around I discovered that finding time to study was not so easy.  I had an energetic toddler to raise, a loving husband to appreciate, and a career that needed attention.

In order to achieve everything, my husband and I developed a routine where one of us would cook dinner and go through the bed-time routine with our son on alternating nights so that we each had a night to rest or work on any projects we had in place. This meant I didn’t miss out on spending time with my family and was still able to dedicate time towards my study.

I thought I had the balance right until I received my first C-grade on an assignment – this was a difficult result to accept as I am a proud over-achiever. I thought I had prepared myself mentally to appreciate any passing result, but it became clear that I expected much more from myself. This meant I had to find more time during the remaining weeks to make improvements, so I had to decide what I was ready to sacrifice; my grades, family time, or sleep.

It was tough; there were a few early mornings and many more late nights, however a final grade of a B was worth it.  The lack of sleep was temporary, but I have already starting applying what I have learnt towards my career so it has all been worth it.

Juggling work, study, and family can be brutal and is not for the faint hearted.  It’s probably not for perfectionists either as the results may disappoint you (even when you pass!).  But, if you have a good support network at home and at work, and know what you’re willing to compromise, you are on a stable path towards an acrobatic lifestyle. Enjoy the circus!

Does your life involve a lot of juggling? How do you cope? Let us know in the comments section below

7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs – Testimonial


By Ana-Valeria Burcea

“I flew in from Bucharest to London on a mid-November Day (this year 2015). My expectations were at that point very high, since I already had the chance to interact with Rosemary’s professionalism in the pre-training period through our e-mail exchange.

Arrived at the training venue I was welcomed by Rosemary, who immediately introduced me to the other ladies, who also attended this course (“7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs”) and we rapidly teamed-up.

The course itself was very well structured from the delivered content, latest academic researches, to the linked inter-domains connections – Human Resources, managerial skills, people management, psychology – to the practical role-play exercises in small groups of work.

The objective of the course manages to fill-in all expectations formulated as individual objectives by each of the participants at the beginning of the training. My personal expectations were to review my current skills, structure them and gain awareness in applying them more efficiently as well as to gain more independence in taking decisions.

It was a high quality time spent that day at the course. In the end I managed to establish new professional connections, as for Rosemary, she is a very inspiring personality as well as to be more aware of my key role in the Company, of my responsibility, of ways to make my work more efficient and of the fact that being aware of my key role in the company I act, performing in each working day accordingly to this set of 7 essential skills as well as accordingly to the set of values and beliefs of the Company I’m with, I’m able to make the way from personal branding to ambassador not only of my Company but also of my profession.

The course was actually about me, about you and about every PA around the world, who wants to improve and to add more efficiency not only her/his professional life but also her/his personal life.

I warmly recommend this training to every PA, who wants and seeks the right and best equipped start in her/his long term career and who also wants to get globally visible.

Moreover this one-day intensive training is not only about Rebecca, Amy, Lorraine, Linda, Debra or Valeria, it is also about every woman/man, who builds up her/his career with professionalism, dedication, efficiency, proactivity, agility, positivism and passion to perform.

A big  thank you goes to Rosemary for making me once again aware of this! Looking forward to the other two Master classes that you run. Hopefully I’ll be part of them.

A special thank you goes to my boss, who opened the door to a brand new world in front of me, when insisting to take a professional and up to date PA course with global recognition.”

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Logical Logistics for PAs and EAs


By Vivian Mensah


Vivien  has 18 years’ experience in the admin profession.  She began her career as a receptionist at Astra Zeneca PLC, a FTSE 100 Biopharmaceuticals company where she proceeded to hold Senior PA and Project Co-ordinater roles and is currently EA to the EVP there.  She is committed and passionate about her role as an EA who champions and advocates the value and impact the PA role brings to the organisation, team and individuals and was responsible for introducing lunch and learn sessions for the PAs at AstraZeneca. 

December was an extremely busy month for me as I had to organise two major events. One was our European conference and awards ceremony for 200 top leaders in the European region where I was the project lead, accountable for all the logistics including the budget. The second was our functional Christmas party for 100 people.

Although they were two very different types of events my formula for success was the same.

  1. Budget – How much? How much money do you have to spend on your event? For compliance reasons, ensure that you have the relevant management sign offs.
  2. Team – In order to organise a large event/conference you need the support of a team. For our conference we had 3 core team members: the overall Project owner, logistics lead, content lead.
  3. Audience – Who and how many people do you have attending? Break it down as follows: delegates, presenters, any other support team members i.e. production and events agency staff
  4. Dates – What potential dates are you looking at? Make sure you have a range of dates to play with
  5. Venue – Once you have the above information you can start in-depth research of potential venues. You need to think about what type of venue are you after –  is it a hotel, conference centre, historical or modern venue? Are you planning to hold everything on-site, including dinner or will you go out? Location is important as our transport links and meeting rooms with natural day lights. Make sure you have a list of non-negotiables (must haves) and a list of things that you could compromise on.
  6. External agency – Establish whether you have the budget for an external events agency to assist you, especially with a large conferences. My conference was in Rome so we really needed someone to work with us who had local knowledge and contacts to assist us with the right venue. The search agency for our European conference researched over 50 venues across Europe and only 1 hotel was available that matched most of requirements was available.

Must do’s:

Ensure you visit the shortlisted or final venue and external dinner venues (if applicable)to ensure that it really does meet your requirements, .

Look at all aspects (and be critical) of the venue, from the conference room layout, space, entrances, lobby area, refreshments i.e. coffee (what type of coffee, do they serve), tea, biscuits etc, and lunch/dinner. Sample as much of the refreshments and meal options as you can. If you are impressed, the chances are your delegates will be too.  Test out the hotel staff to see what are they like. Are they receptive, friendly, pro-active? Look at the check-in desks – are there long queues? The toilets – are they clean?, Check accessibility to lifts, stairs, clock-room, syndicate room layout, access.

For any event that is taking place away from the office always test out the travel times from the airport/train station to the venue and also to external dinner venues – my teams hate long transfer time, which in their terms means anything more than 20 minutes!.

Make sure you have a project plan in place. With so many moving parts as well as your day job it is an extremely busy time, your work load doubles overnight so you need to ensure you are organised and plan, plan, plan.  I use an excel spreadsheet for my project plan/check list using the following headings:

  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Content
  • Awards
  • Pre-work
  • At the event
  • Post event

Let me know how you get on and I hope the above is useful – happy event planning!

Have you got any tips or experiences to share? Leave them in the comments section below

What makes us Happy, Healthy and Whole?


Happy and healthyThere is an ongoing conversation these days about how we must live our lives in complete happiness, bursting with health and emotionally feeling ‘whole and healed’.  How many of you are feeling that way every day.  Is this image of happiness and fulfilment on a daily basis a stretch too far for the majority of us?

Added to this is a new kind of pressure that we are now under – the pressure to look good, not to age, have the perfect figure, wear beautiful clothes, have glossy hair and perfect nails! You then take this perfect look to the office and perform your job at 150% all day.  Does this sound familiar?

But as we know it’s not the outer that makes us healthy and happy, it’s about being in tune with the inner and the challenge we have in the 21st century is to learn to know our true selves and then live in harmony with that inner part of us.  So many times that inner voice can sabotage our best efforts to evolve, in coaching we call it The Gremlin or The Saboteur or The Chimp. As we learn to live in the  moment and not worry about the past or the future we become in alignment with our values of honesty, self love and working with our intuition.

Aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit

We need to be aware of the power of our thoughts, both positive and negative and the impact on our physical body of our emotional reactions to our thoughts.  Every thought you think impacts on your physical wellbeing and we can either boost our energy levels or drain them with the power of our thoughts.  The power of meditation or yoga in whatever form you prefer is not to be overestimated in the effect it will have on creating a healthy mind.  Your physical wellbeing will come from eating energising foods and connecting with your inner voice or spirit will keep you in alignment.  The result of all this is feeling happy, healthy and whole.

Women and healthy food