How to build your personal brand in 6 steps


Personal branding has become more important than ever when trying to stand out in the workplace and on social media. We’ve narrowed down our research into 6 easy steps to remember when trying to build your own brand and identify who you are, and what you have to offer.

The benefits you’ll gain from defining your personal brand are huge, just look at the list below:

  • it will increase your confidence and self-awareness, not to mention your credibility
  • your visibility will increase and make you stand out to employers and colleagues
  • your reputation will be enhanced
  • your goals will be clarified more clearly helping you to grow
  • your career prospects will flourish

By analysing the data and breaking it down, we want to make it possible for everyone out there to recognise how beneficial and worthwhile it is to develop your presence online, and we really hope you gain a lot from it.

So first thing’s first, here are the steps from 1 to 6:

  1. Understand yourself

This couldn’t be more important and it’s made possible by asking yourself some simple questions:

  • how would others describe you?
  • what are your strengths?
  • what are your skills and abilities?
  • what are your passions?
  • what’s your leadership style / work style / thinking style (refer back to our blog on the emotional intelligence leadership styles for help with this one)
  • what accomplishment are you most proud of?

2. Find your niche 

What do you want from work and life? And what’s unique about you?

  • How do you want people to identify you?
  • What do you want to be recognised for?
  • Have you added value? In what way?
  • What can you do that no one else can? (aside from run multiple diaries and the world at the same time! 😉

3. Improve your prospects

By promoting yourself and your achievements on your CV and social media you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to engage with employers during the hiring process. This could be anything from qualifications, training, and memberships, to voluntary work: and the great news is, it all counts!

4. Who’s your audience?

  • future employers
  • work colleagues
  • social media specialists
  • online communities

5. Build your presence online

Step 1. Google yourself to see what comes up when you type your name, this will give you a great start and allow you to see where your name sits in the online sphere

Step 2. Update your social media presence and pay particular attention to Linked In and Instagram. Both offer varying opportunities to develop your brand, with one focusing on your professional abilities, and the other showing your emotional intelligence and personality; both factors make you a fully rounded and saleable person

Step 3. Communicate with other people in your industry, and get involved in online communities and forums. This can then translate into real life when you attend events with others in your online sphere, and that’s where the networking really comes into play!

6. Walk your Talk

Always reflect your brand by the way you present yourself at any event or in the workplace. Keep developing your skills in communication, emotional intelligence and always stay true to who you are. And remember to enjoy the learning, it’s fun after all!  🙂

Emotional Intelligence: the six leadership styles


Did you know that there are six leadership styles which exist in the workplace? These leadership styles come under the emotional intelligence umbrella and help you to understand yourself, your colleagues, and your managers:

  1. Authoritative: self-confidence, empathy, catalysing change
  2. Affiliative: empathy, building relationships, communication
  3. Democratic: collaboration, team leadership, communication
  4. Pace-setting: conscientious, drive to achieve, initiative
  5. Coercive: drive to achieve, initiative, self-control
  6. Coaching: empathy, developing others, self-awareness

Can you recognise your boss in the above styles? Can you recognise yourself? Your role at work will always include leadership and it’s really great to be able to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and understand how you might adapt your approach according to various different situations.

It’s important to note that not all of the leadership styles are positive – in particular, the coercive style and the pace-setting style, have the opposite effect. The most strongly positive is the authoritative style, due to leaders encouraging their team to move towards their shared vision.

Understanding the styles help you to develop and grow as a leader, a colleague, and in your relationship with your boss. Can you recognise yourself and your boss the styles below?

1. The Coercive Leader

Branded the least effective of the styles, coercive leaders are demanding, inflexible and alienating. Not one to aspire to, recognising this style in your boss or colleague may help you to manage your relationship with, and actions towards them.

2. The Authoritative Leader

Flexible, open leaders, with an ability to encourage and motivate their team. Successful leaders, they will champion their team with courage and belief in their skills, to drive them to the same vision they have, all the while making each individual feel appreciated and given a level of autonomy.

3. The Affiliative Leader

Leaders who look after their team and put them before the work that must be done. Empathetic, trustworthy, and allow the individual freedom to experiment. A great all-round approach and really brings a team together.

4. The Democratic Leader

Understanding of their team’s ideas and input in order to help make their decisions, therefore creating a feeling of teamwork and morale.

5. The Pace-Setting Leader

The leader who sets a pace and expects all employees to follow and match up to. This can be a demanding and demeaning style of leadership if not all team members are of the same skill. One of the less effective ways to motivate individuals who need support and guidance.

6. The Coaching Leader

The least used of the all styles, but perhaps the most effective as this style has a huge impact on an individual’s motivation and self belief, and makes them feel listened to and respected. It works best when the team want to be coached and welcome support from their leader.

We really hope you have found reading about these styles of leadership useful, and hope you recognise yourselves in some of them. All attributes and styles can be learned, as with all emotional intelligence, and we would love to see you at one of our coaching days coming up in April where you can learn about emotional intelligence and more.

If you’re interested in learning more, our Executive PA Manager Masterclass explores Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. We are running a session on 19th April. If you’d like to book, simply email Amanda at or visit our website for more information on the programme: Global PA Association PA Manager Masterclass

7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs – Testimonial


By Ana-Valeria Burcea

“I flew in from Bucharest to London on a mid-November Day (this year 2015). My expectations were at that point very high, since I already had the chance to interact with Rosemary’s professionalism in the pre-training period through our e-mail exchange.

Arrived at the training venue I was welcomed by Rosemary, who immediately introduced me to the other ladies, who also attended this course (“7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs”) and we rapidly teamed-up.

The course itself was very well structured from the delivered content, latest academic researches, to the linked inter-domains connections – Human Resources, managerial skills, people management, psychology – to the practical role-play exercises in small groups of work.

The objective of the course manages to fill-in all expectations formulated as individual objectives by each of the participants at the beginning of the training. My personal expectations were to review my current skills, structure them and gain awareness in applying them more efficiently as well as to gain more independence in taking decisions.

It was a high quality time spent that day at the course. In the end I managed to establish new professional connections, as for Rosemary, she is a very inspiring personality as well as to be more aware of my key role in the Company, of my responsibility, of ways to make my work more efficient and of the fact that being aware of my key role in the company I act, performing in each working day accordingly to this set of 7 essential skills as well as accordingly to the set of values and beliefs of the Company I’m with, I’m able to make the way from personal branding to ambassador not only of my Company but also of my profession.

The course was actually about me, about you and about every PA around the world, who wants to improve and to add more efficiency not only her/his professional life but also her/his personal life.

I warmly recommend this training to every PA, who wants and seeks the right and best equipped start in her/his long term career and who also wants to get globally visible.

Moreover this one-day intensive training is not only about Rebecca, Amy, Lorraine, Linda, Debra or Valeria, it is also about every woman/man, who builds up her/his career with professionalism, dedication, efficiency, proactivity, agility, positivism and passion to perform.

A big  thank you goes to Rosemary for making me once again aware of this! Looking forward to the other two Master classes that you run. Hopefully I’ll be part of them.

A special thank you goes to my boss, who opened the door to a brand new world in front of me, when insisting to take a professional and up to date PA course with global recognition.”

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Dubai PAs and EAs, here we come!


Certificate Programme of Management Skills for Executive Assistants

Enhance your performance with management and leadership capabilities

This event will be run in association with Marcus Evans

gpa-logo_without-strapline        Marcus Evans

  • Dates: 25th & 26th November 2015
  • Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai

Highlights :

  • Certified Training – Delegates will received a Certificate of Management from the Global PA Association
  • This event is endorsed by Global PA Association with 28 CPD points for two days training
  • Delegates will be given complimentary 1 year Associate Membership of the Global PA Association

Benefits Of Attending This Interactive Two-Day Workshop :

  • Fully understand and appreciate the key issues in the relationship between the PA’s role and that of their Manager(s).
  • Understand business goals, communication with stakeholders and the effective management of client relationships
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how to implement it effectively in the workplace
  • Discover the Executive PA skills required to work at a senior (Chairman & CEO) level
  • Understand how to build a solid and productive relationship with their Manager(s) and gain clarity on goals, objectives and outcomes
  • Develop and apply people management skills, including managing junior staff, delegation, managing difficult situations and problem solving
  • Review the role of project management and how project management skills can be applied to support multi‐tasking within the Executive PA role
  • Develop a clear and focused plan for your own personal development to climb the career ladders marcus evans Training Courses are Thoroughly Researched and Structured to Provide Intense and Intimate Practical Training to your Organisation. Our Format:
  • An in-depth tailored programme to address market concerns
  • Pre-course questionnaires to allow you to tailor the programme to address your individual concerns
  • Comprehensive course documentation

“Our aim is to help meet the demand for highly skilled PAs, by developing PAs who possess the range of skills required to manage, build and promote effective working practices and relationships within organisations”

Marcus Evans

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London PA Masterclass – Only 2 places left!


‘7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs’

  • Date: Friday 20 November
  • Time:  9.30-16.45
  • Venue:  De Vere Venues, West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London


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CPD accredited programme by CPD Standards Office & by Birkbeck University of London for PA Students studying the CertHE ManPAs.

7 Key Skills PA Masterclass

Discover the 7 Key Skills that will make your role more productive and complete an assessment in each skill. This is guaranteed to be an insightful and interactive day, led by International Training Expert, Rosemary Parr. Our class sizes are small to give every delegate the chance to be involved and interact with the other delegates. PAs love our sessions as they make new friends and share best practice.

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