Executive Secretary Life at KAUST, Saudi Arabia


King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by Rosemary Parrkaust-saudi

I recently had the opportunity to travel to King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST). This University if the vision of late King Abdullah and 7,000 people from 90 different nationalities live and work there exploring the future of science. Its a unique venture where everyone lives together in a massive compound of over 17 square miles.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet some of the Executive Secretaries who work there and who support the President, Professors and Directors of the University.  Global PA Training developed an Executive Secretary Programme which focused on the 21st century skills required, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, how to work productively with Leaders, Emotional Intelligence, Listening, Conflict Management, Political Intelligence, Personal Branding & Goal Setting.  Many of the Executive Secretaries have been living at Kaust a number of years enjoying a lifestyle and facilities that are out of this world.  I was driven around the campus in a golf buggy admiring the beautifully designed homes, enjoying the views of the Red Sea, visiting the Sports Centres, Restaurants and Theatre. Everyone’s needs are catered for and in this tranquil setting you can make lifelong friends, take up sports you have never tried before and learn, grow, develop and flourish!  I look forward to returning in February 2017.