Five business travel problems that private aviation can help you solve


As an experienced PA, you are no doubt used to overcoming challenges, juggling numerous demands on your time and managing complex logistical operations. You are a key component to ensuring the smooth running of your organisation.

However, when it comes to organising business travel for C-Suite Executives, quite often problems can occur, which are completely outside of your control but can none the less be disastrous for a crucial meeting, event or tightly run schedule.  Flight delays, cancellations, long security queues or even the technical failures which plagued airports across the country this summer are all common issues that can wreak havoc on even the most tightly planned schedule. Even when everything goes to plan commercial airline travel has many annoyances that can cause passengers to arrive in their destination flustered, tired, stressed, or even without that important piece of luggage. None of which is ideal when there is an important meeting to attend.

At 365 Aviation, we believe that private aviation has a huge amount to offer to senior executives who have to undertake frequent business travel. Whilst it may once have been seen as the preserve of the super-rich, the benefits it can offer and the expensive problems it can help avoid far outweigh the perceived high cost. Don’t believe us? Here are five common business travel problems that private aviation can help you solve for your senior executives.

  1. Hours wasted in airport lounges

365 Aviation recently commissioned a piece of independent research, which found that, on average, travelers spend over three and a half hours in airports pre- and post-flight.  Add on the average time travelling to and from the airport (2.76 hours) and that’s a staggering 6.3 hours of wasted time per trip – or in business terms – 6.3 hours of lost productivity.  And that’s before the flight itself, let alone any delays.

There are 136 private airports in the UK, meaning most travellers can reach one within an hour. Once there, with private aviation you can check in, clear security, board and take off within just 20 minutes saving hours of time that can be put to much better use by your senior executive team.

What’s more, 365 Aviation can set up an ‘office in the sky’, with satellite phones for conference calls, Wi-Fi (on selected flights) for emails and meeting facilities, ensuring that passengers are fully contactable and that even time spent in the air is spent productively.

  1. Multiple meetings in multiple destinations

The high number of private airports, both in the UK and abroad, coupled with the speed and ease of boarding a private jet means that, dependent on destination, passengers on private jets can attend multiple meetings in multiple destinations in just a single day. Realistically you could fly to Milan in the morning, be in Frankfurt for lunch and back to London by mid-afternoon. This would simply be impossible on a commercial airline, taking a minimum of 2-3 days of your senior executive’s time away from the business or away from their leisure time or family life.

Private aviation can also facilitate large groups for conferences and roadshows where there are multiple destinations on a very tight schedule – something that would be an administrative nightmare using traditional commercial airline travel.

  1. Sudden changes in schedule

Business also requires flexibility and when the time or location of meetings are suddenly changed, private charter companies can become your best friend – able to react quickly, saving time and money. Whilst last minute changes to plan can cause panic when travelling with a commercial airline as flights can be unavailable, fully booked or too late, a flexible and knowledgeable charter partner will be able to have an aircraft on the tarmac in just a couple of hours.

  1. Jet-lag

Noisy cabins, poor food, lack of sleep and a worried mind can all contribute to debilitating feelings of jet-lag. Private jet travel ensures comfort, quiet, good food and the relaxing space needed to ensure that passengers arrive revitalised, refreshed and ready to take on the world. At 365 Aviation we go even further and have now introduced complimentary bottles of Altitude Oil from luxury skincare brand, Annee de Mamiel, on selected flights to help revitalise clients during their hectic schedule. Just a few drops on a tissue clears and re-energises the mind, ready for the next challenge.

  1. Lost and damaged items

We have all experienced that sickening feeling at the end of a flight when our luggage fails to appear. It is bad enough when travelling for leisure, but when travelling for business it can mean disaster if that suitcase happened to hold laptops, documents or business attire. With private aviation, there need be no worry of this occurring, as private jet charter specialists have extensive experience of looking after items of exceptionally high value – from couture gowns and priceless jewellery for the Cannes film festival, to sound equipment for rock concerts, to high value documentation and even passenger’s furry friends. With private aviation, no travel requirement is too complex and nothing is left to chance.

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