EAs & PAs discover how to motivate yourselves


How do you motivate yourself? Do you find it’s something which comes with ease, or is it something you have to do in a more mindful way? Do you do it daily, or do you struggle to remind yourself to?

We’ve got 5 easy reminders to inspire you to motivate yourself in either your personal or your work life. Remember, you’re worth it.

  1. It’s group effort – being part of a group can inspire you to be the best possible version of yourself as you are held accountable to your friends, colleagues, or family who can all help you to reach your desired goal. It’s one of the surest ways to reach success and we are always behind you if you ever need to reach out and ask for help. As a professional Fellow, Platinum or International Member of the Global PA Association you can take advantage of our new service, monthly Coaching Club sessions with our Founder.  These will ensure that your motivation is maintained. Contact us at enquiries@globalpa-association to find out more.
  2. It’s all in your mindset – trust us when we say we know this for sure. We know it can be difficult to reach your final goal, weight, promotion, whatever it is that you’re striving for. Therefore it makes sense to change your perception of the goal in sight. Can you change it into game perhaps, or a challenge? How do you reward yourself when you tick off some of the goals along the way? All this helps you to be the best you can be, and it’s all in your control, isn’t that fab?
  3. What inspires you? – Inspiration is key. You can find this in any number of things, be it music, Ted talks, autobiographies of your favourite person, or family, and friends. There are quotes all over social media which uplift and give you inspiration. Try spending a few minutes a day tuning into this and enjoy listening to these stories, and lett great quotes bring you inspiration. They really work!
  4. Nourish your body – We all know that eating your greens and getting your 5 day aids your health and your brain to function properly, however it’s also brilliant to note that a little chocolate and some coffee isn’t as bad as you think. Rewarding yourself with a little treat in this form is not only good for the mind, it’s good for your health as it stimulates your brain and releases much needed dopamine to give you energy and focus. Finally something we can all agree on!
  5. Find your pose of strength – it may sound different, however discovering a pose of strength and adopting it each morning and holding it for 1 minute can really make a difference. We recommend finding a pose that reflects strength to you. One we particularly recommend is standing tall and reaching your arms up and out to the sky. It helps you to embrace space and not be afraid of saying “I am here” and it releases testosterone which gives you confidence. What a great way to start your day.

If you want to know more take a look at our 7 Key Skills page where we have motivational and inspiring courses which promote self confidence.

“As always Global PA ensured it was a very motivational get together of like-minded PA’s to share experiences, solutions and lift morale. I was worried about the social media session as my skills are a very limited in that area due to time constraints and – guess what? – discovered we all face the same situation! A really enjoyable and thought provoking session.”  Sue, Chartered Institute of Builders 

We look forward to welcoming you at any one of our courses which run in London during April.

Until then, enjoy discovering new ways to motivate and champion you!