How to develop Professionalism in your Career


Maintaining professionalism every day in your career is very important to uphold and to cultivate. We so often get busy in our own lives that we forget to keep standards up in our career. Global PA Association wanted to share a few handy tips which might help remind us all how to stay as professional as possible in the workplace and in our approach to our careers going forward.

Tip 1

Behave in the right manner and always be on time: This might sound obvious but it’s more important than you might think. Keeping your standards up through great timekeeping and being positive, informed, and diplomatic makes a huge difference to the way people treat you and to the way you treat yourself. By maintaining standards you automatically value yourself and those around you, and will be treated with a level of respect which you have earned yourself, which in turn leads to more possibilities and doors opening which will escalate your position and career status. And the best thing? It’s really easy to do!

Tip 2

Always be discreet and maintain poise: Being the gatekeeper for your boss or colleagues is part of you role as an executive or personal assistant, and keeping information discreet is paramount. If you’re able to consistently and confidently represent yourself as a trusted source and keep your emotions in check you will gain trust and respect from your team and boss, and this will translate into greater responsibility within your role. We want you to do the best you can and get that promotion or pay rise, and reminding yourself of these attributes always helps with this.

Tip 3

Dress code and first impressions: Dressing accordingly can actually help to elevate your current position and has a vital impact on the first impression you make meeting a prospective employer, client, or colleague. A first impression is made in 7 seconds, that’s often before you’ve even spoken, so understanding the power of dressing is key to your own success. Comprehending the workplace code of dress, or how your outfit could really impact a new situation is important and if you get it right it gives you an automatic head-start, sounds good doesn’t it?

Tip 4

Preparation and objectives: In every career situation it pays to be prepared and know what your objectives are to achieve your next steps. Employers expect this and love when their employees take the initiative to develop themselves. You can always ask what is expected of you and being clear with your objectives helps your boss and colleagues to understand your capabilities and recognise your attention to detail when given a task. They then form a stronger opinion of you which will add to your reputation and grow your possibilities!

We hope these handy tips will help you take strides in your role and give you the confidence to believe in your own professionalism.

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