Emotional Intelligence: the six leadership styles


Did you know that there are six leadership styles which exist in the workplace? These leadership styles come under the emotional intelligence umbrella and help you to understand yourself, your colleagues, and your managers:

  1. Authoritative: self-confidence, empathy, catalysing change
  2. Affiliative: empathy, building relationships, communication
  3. Democratic: collaboration, team leadership, communication
  4. Pace-setting: conscientious, drive to achieve, initiative
  5. Coercive: drive to achieve, initiative, self-control
  6. Coaching: empathy, developing others, self-awareness

Can you recognise your boss in the above styles? Can you recognise yourself? Your role at work will always include leadership and it’s really great to be able to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and understand how you might adapt your approach according to various different situations.

It’s important to note that not all of the leadership styles are positive – in particular, the coercive style and the pace-setting style, have the opposite effect. The most strongly positive is the authoritative style, due to leaders encouraging their team to move towards their shared vision.

Understanding the styles help you to develop and grow as a leader, a colleague, and in your relationship with your boss. Can you recognise yourself and your boss the styles below?

1. The Coercive Leader

Branded the least effective of the styles, coercive leaders are demanding, inflexible and alienating. Not one to aspire to, recognising this style in your boss or colleague may help you to manage your relationship with, and actions towards them.

2. The Authoritative Leader

Flexible, open leaders, with an ability to encourage and motivate their team. Successful leaders, they will champion their team with courage and belief in their skills, to drive them to the same vision they have, all the while making each individual feel appreciated and given a level of autonomy.

3. The Affiliative Leader

Leaders who look after their team and put them before the work that must be done. Empathetic, trustworthy, and allow the individual freedom to experiment. A great all-round approach and really brings a team together.

4. The Democratic Leader

Understanding of their team’s ideas and input in order to help make their decisions, therefore creating a feeling of teamwork and morale.

5. The Pace-Setting Leader

The leader who sets a pace and expects all employees to follow and match up to. This can be a demanding and demeaning style of leadership if not all team members are of the same skill. One of the less effective ways to motivate individuals who need support and guidance.

6. The Coaching Leader

The least used of the all styles, but perhaps the most effective as this style has a huge impact on an individual’s motivation and self belief, and makes them feel listened to and respected. It works best when the team want to be coached and welcome support from their leader.

We really hope you have found reading about these styles of leadership useful, and hope you recognise yourselves in some of them. All attributes and styles can be learned, as with all emotional intelligence, and we would love to see you at one of our coaching days coming up in April where you can learn about emotional intelligence and more.

If you’re interested in learning more, our Executive PA Manager Masterclass explores Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. We are running a session on 19th April. If you’d like to book, simply email Amanda at enquiries@globalpa-association.com or visit our website for more information on the programme: Global PA Association PA Manager Masterclass

SecsintheCity announces winners of PA of the Year Awards


National PA of the Year Awards announces their 2015 winners 

From left to right: Jules Clark, Eversheds LLP; Sheila Lyburn, Peter Vardy Ltd; Helen Rees, Marwell Wildlife

Sheila Lyburn from Peter Vardy Ltd was announced as winner of the PA of the Year Awards 2015, hosted by SecsintheCity, the UK’s #1 job site for PAs and Executive Assistants.

The announcement was made at a prestigious Awards ceremony held at The Ivy Restaurant on Thursday 12th November.

The winners of the PA of the Year Awards 2015 are:

  • PA of the Year – Sheila Lyburn, Peter Vardy Ltd
  • Social Media PA of the Year – Helen Rees, Marwell Wildlife
  • Legal PA of the Year – Jules Clark, Eversheds LLP

Sheila Lyburn is PA to the CEO at Peter Vardy Ltd, a leading, family owned Scottish car dealership based in Glasgow.

Sheila said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have won SecsintheCity’s PA of the Year Award, 2015. I was delighted when my boss, Peter Vardy, announced that he wanted to put me forward for the award as a result of my dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to my role”.

“PAs don’t always get the recognition they deserve as much of their work is unseen and unheralded.  It is fantastic that these awards showcase our talents and I would strongly advise any PA to put themselves forward when this comes around again next year.”

Along with her PA of the Year 2015 title, Sheila will also enjoy a stay in a track facing suite at Brooklands Hotel Surrey, including dinner and spa treatments.

The Awards, sponsored by Tay Associates, were established 4 years ago to champion the professionalism of PAs and acknowledge their contribution to the organisations they work for.

Emily Penny, Head of Sales at SecsintheCity, said:

“This year the calibre of finalists was exceptionally high, with PAs from ITV, DLA Piper, Barclays and UBM nominated.We look forward to following our winners continued success in the future.”